Aussie 8

8 Peaks | 8 States | 8 Days

Aussie 8 Expedition

Aussie 8 Expedition – Completed April 2013 – 8days 14hrs

What is the Aussie 8?

Three adventurers summited the highest mountain in each Australian state in just 8 days to set a new record. Logistically challenging, physically gruelling and emotionally draining. During the expedition they ran over 150kms, ascended over 5,500m and travelled over 13,000kms around the country in a race to take on Australia’s greatest and most remote peaks

Will they be up to the challenge? Will they make their connecting flights? Will they find a masseuse in Alice Springs?

Why would someone do this?

This great southern land of Australia is full of wide-open spaces, packed with potential adventures and populated by people wanting to get out and explore. They just sometimes just need the inspiration to do so

To have an adventure, set a world record, inspire people to #GetOutdoors, produce a documentary for television and showcase Australia’s ‘National Landscapes’

What are the Peaks?


11/04/2013         Bimberi Peak (ACT) 1913m   >

11/04/2013         Mt Kosciuszko (NSW) 2228m   >

12/04/2013        Mt Bogong (VIC) 1986m   >

13/04/2013        Mt Ossa (TAS) 1617m   >

15/04/2013        Mt Zeil (NT) 1531m     >

16/04/2013        Mt Woodroffe (SA) 1435m     >

18/04/2013       Mt Meharry (WA) 1253m    >

20/04/13           Bartle Frere (QLD) 1622m



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